Marwan Kassab Bachi

Syrian artist.
Caricature published in ( issue No.1261 _Funon journal_Damascus 12/5/2005)

Marwan Kassab Bachi :- SYRIA
Berlin-based Syrian artist
Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts (HDK) of Berlin
Member of the academie der Kunste

Born in Damascus, Syria in 1934. Works and lives in Berlin.

Marwan paints images of human beings, very subjective images never individual portraits. The person portrayed is always exemplary ,unique and anonymous all at once. Through his participaton in and identification with human suffering, Marwan's abstract seiges of colour do not remain detached aesthetic, consumptional ecstasies, but reflect through a commitment that is essentially artistic, dramas of the single individual's inner life.


Marwan is obsessed by faces because for him they are a means of expressing the dramatic depth of life. I do not know any artist anywhere who to such an extent has adopted the head , the monumentalized head, as practically his only theme, in which the world can be laid bare and last question put into painting. It is understandable, given our age, that Marwan does not indicate any ideals. He reveals conditions and experiences. It is important to keep in mind that in his paintings human beings are never presented whole - they are always fragmentarily corresponding to the symbolic of concealment or of emptiness. But this fragmentation is also the formal analogy to the formentioned visionary qualities: the slightly opened veil, for example, contain textures of unveiling, revelation, exposure, search for truth and discovery. In recent paintings, where darkness partially conceals the face, a light not only illuminates them, but contains in itself the image of enlightenment.
Jorn Merke